Healthy Eating OR In which I start Weight Watchers

Hey gang. Clearly I haven’t been posting much of late. This is mostly due to a large variety of work related stress reasons and my complete lack of energy or desire to do anything but watch Family Guy when I get home from work, much less come up with new and exciting recipes to take pictures of and tell you lovely people about.


That is all about to change. You see, something else that I haven’t been doing while not blogging was eating healthily. And so, starting today, I will be doing 8 straight weeks of Weight Watchers points counting.


For those of you who don’t understand how Weight Watchers works, every food (except for most fruits and vegetables) has an assigned point value based upon its calories, fiber, carbs and protein content (ex. a slice of bread is 2 points, a cup of sweet and sour chicken is 12). Every day, I have 29 points to “spend” plus 7 buffer points that add up over the week. The idea is that the only way to not starve on this system is to eat well (and avoiding those 6 point doughnuts).


Naturally, I will be logging my suffering for posterity (and you charming folks). 


Have you ever done WW or another dieting system? Got any advice? Encouragement? Validation about how I don’t really need to lose weight? Validation that, yeah, it’s probably a good thing? Comment!


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