Apologies and Random Musings

Hey all. It has been a month since my last posting. Sorry. This student had projects, illnesses, finals and the dreaded holidays to contend with. Such is life. 

However, I have not yet cooked anything because my parents cook too much for me to get access to their gorgeous kitchen. So, that will be coming soon. 

In the mean time, here are some random musings about cooking that I thought you might find interesting.

  1. On my cooking style: In case any of you were fooled into thinking that I generally have a plan, I wanted to disillusion you. I make up about 75% of my recipes as I go. This is not always intentional, but it happens. And that’s how I cook. This is mostly because when I have a plan, it doesn’t always work. When things go wrong, I adjust. I get struck by inspiration. I try new things. I guess what I am trying to say is that you don’t have to lock yourself into a recipe (even if you find it here). If you think rosemary will make it better, try it. 
  2. On cooking in a kitchen that is not your own: Try to avoid it. Nothing is more frustrating than having your chicken burn because you spend fifteen minutes trying to find salt. 
  3. On food Network: Guess what I watch a lot of when I don’t want to study. Food Network apparently. Some things I was surprised by Barefoot Contessa, once you get past her um…bubbly personality, is a fantastic show. Chopped is immensely frustrating to watch because they apparently pick the most retarded executive chefs in the world (Wait you mean a full rack of lamb won’t cook fully in 25 minutes at 250? Really?). One thing that I was not surprised by. I hate Rachel Ray. No, halved snack peas are not cute. Bitch.
  4. On comments: Leave them! I read them. Want to see me make something? Tell me! 
  5. Follow me on twitter. Not a thought, just a shameless plug

With any luck, I will have a real post for you lovely people soon.


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