The Rest of Ramen Week:

Haha! I finally have time to write up the rest of my Ramen Week experiments.

For those of you who missed my last two posts, here are the rules for the week:

  1. Every day for one week, I must have at least one ramen based meal. 
  2. I refuse to use flavor packs 
  3. The meal must be healthy
  4. It must cost under $5.00 per serving
For the latter four meals of the week, I made 
  1. Ramen and Cheese
  2. Ramen Crusted Chicken
  3. Ramen Taco Salad
  4. Ramen with Beer Steamed Mussels
For the Ramen and Cheese:
Sadly, I was unable to get a picture of the beauty that was the gorgeous cheese sauce I made for my Ramen and cheese. Such is life.
This isn’t a huge meal but it would be perfect for a quick and filling lunch.
For two servings, you will need:
  • 1 cup Milk (lactaid for me): $0.30
  • 1 cup Shredded Cheese (I used half mozzarella and half cheddar, but, if you want to splurge, feta is fantastic):$1.33
  • 2 packages Ramen: $0.36
  • 3 Scallions $0.08
 Total price per serving: $1.04
Preheat the oven to 250F. In a medium sauce pan melt a pad of butter and mix in an equal part of flour to make a roux. Cook over medium heat until the flour is blonde colored. Add in milk and whisk until it begins to boil. Take off the heat and gradually melt in cheese while sitrring continuously. Once you have one homogeneous blob of creamy goodness, put on low heat and coarsely chop your scallions. Mix in along with any seasonings you fancy and then add in cooked ramen. Transfer to a oven proof container and place in the oven until the cheese begins to bubble (about ten minutes). Serve hot.
For the Ramen Crusted Chicken:

Doesn’t that look fantastic!
For two servings:
  • 4 Chicken Tenders: $1.32
  • 1 package Ramen: $0.18
  • 1 egg: $0.18
Total price per serving: $0.84
Remove the ramen from its packaging and crush it into a powder (it won’t be very fine, don’t kill yourself) and mix into it garlic and onion powders and salt and pepper. Crack the egg into a bowl and beat a little to break up the yolk. Carefully and completely dry off the chicken. Take a pan and add some oil or butter and heat. Coat the chicken first in egg and then in your ramen mixture and put directly into the pan. Cook fully on medium heat until the chicken is cooked through and the ramen is golden brown on both sides.
The Chicken and Ramen and Cheese together on one plate

For the Ramen Taco Salad:

Better than it looks
This erm…delicacy is a variation of one of my favorite dishes. 
For four servings you need:
  • 1 pound of Ground Beef: $3.32
  • 1 jar Medium Salsa: $1.79
  • 1 can Black Beans $0.79
  • 1/2 cup Shredded Cheese: $0.67
  • 2 packages Ramen: $0.36
Price per serving: $1.73
In a medium sacuepan, cook the ground beef with any seasonings you prefer until it is cooked through. Add in drained black beans and salsa. Remove the ramen from its packaging and break it into nacho sized pieces. Add the ramen and coat with cheddar. Mix it all together and serve immediately, before the ramen has time to soften. Top with more cheese.
For the Ramen with Beer Steamed Mussles

I am always looking for recipes that incorporate beer because I have yet to find anything that will give the same hearty and rich flavor to a dish. So I decided to try one for the last day of Ramen Week.
For two servings you will need:
  • 15 Mussles: $3.25
  • 1 bottle of your Beer of Choice (I used Yuengling Black and Tan): $0.84
  • 1 Onion, chopped coarsely: $0.80
  • 2 packages Ramen: $0.36
Price per serving: $2.63
First off, clean the mussels by scrubbing with a lousy/old toothbrush under running water. Throw away any that open before or during cleaning. When they are all cleaned, loosely chop your onion (~1″ pieces). Boil beer over medium heat (Note: boiling comes significantly after simmering. The boozahol needs to boil off some.) Add your onion into the pot and let sit, stirring occasionally until the onions have softened. Add mussels and uncooked ramen and cover until the mussels have all opened and the ramen is soft. Serve with the beer you cooked with. Because it is delicious, that’s why.
So, that concludes my annual Ramen Week. If you have any comprehensive ideas for my next challenge (I’m looking at you mystikraven) leave me a comment below and I’ll think about it.

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