Ramen Week Day One: Ramen with Spinach and Tomato Sauce

Whelp, it’s that time of the semester again. Midterms have forced me into a temporary hiatus from blogging. So, now I’m back, sick of engineering optimization, heat transfer theory, differential equations and applied motion. Time for cooking!
Unfortunately, eating out and ordering in while I was studying for all of my tests has cut a pretty deep gouge into my budget. You know what that means. It’s my semesterly Ramen Week! 

 Here are the rules:

  1. Every day for one week, I must have at least one ramen based meal. 
  2. I refuse to use flavor packs 
  3. The meal must be healthy
  4. It must cost under $5.00 per serving
Today I made Ramen with Spinach and Tomato Sauce
My price list, for two lunches:
  • 1/2 Package of Spinach (The other half to be used for a salad for dinner): $1.25
  • 4 Chicken Tenders (From a package of 22 purchased for $7.26): $0.70
  • 1 Can of Chopped Tomatoes: $1.25
  • 2 Packages of Ramen: $0.36
Total: $4.26 for two meals (One for me and one for boyfriend)

First thing’s first. Put a pot on to boil for your ramen packets.

While you are waiting for that, steam your spinach by putting a large amount of it in a pan over medium heat and cover it tightly until the spinach is thoroughly wilted.

Actually yay. I love spinach.

Once that is achieved, put in to the pan a healthy dollop of olive oil and the can of tomatoes and season with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powders, a touch of lemon juice and, if you are a fan of spicy, some red pepper flakes and sriracha (rooster) sauce.

Easy? Yes. Delicious? Abso-freaking-lutely.

Bring that to a boil and then bring it down to a simmer until the rest of the meal is complete. While that is happening and you are waiting for the ramen to cook, pull out another pan and throw in some chicken with olive oil. Once that and ramen are finished, throw everything in a bow and enjoy!

Pretty colors, shitty presentation.

Tomorrow: Ramen and Steak Stir Fry


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