Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Ok. Whatever you do, don’t follow this recipe.  I was thoroughly unsatisfied with the result, however, it is what I made so post I must.

First some explanation.  When altering a baking recipe (Not advised! The margins of error in baking are very small.) to add cocoa powder, you must add more butter, baking soda and sugar to compensate for the drying and acerbic aspects of the cocoa.

I did not add enough of any of them, apparently

 Anyway, follow the instructions under the lid of the oatmeal.

Cream together (meaning, mix until creamy) softened butter and your sugars.

This might be too creamy

Beat in eggs.

Two of them.

Add your powders, replacing a quarter cup of flour with cocoa powder


Pour in oats,

Mix thoroughly.

Ball into one inch masses and place on a cookie sheet.


 I got bored after one sheet so I made a sheet cake out of the rest

While those are baking, you can clean up the inevitable mess.

Cocoa powder everywhere!

I made a peanut butter sauce for my bars

And by that, I mean I melted some peanut butter. 

 And poured it over the completed bars

Add some sugar over the tops of the cookies to try to make up for the fact that I added no where near enough the first time.

Seriously, don’t try this

Although the bars aren’t awful frozen.


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