Leftover night!

(Yes I realize this didn’t get posted until Friday, I promise it won’t ever happen again.) Cooking every day for a week thus far has left me with, occasionally, more food than even my roommates can eat. And that is why God invented Tupperware. Due to my hellish work schedule, I didn’t get home until almost eleven-thirty. And that makes Wednesday leftover night!

Slightly more specifically, I had some mustard chicken and bruchetta left over from earlier in the week

Look at those yummy leftovers!

I cut up my chicken into bite sized portions.

I may or may not have munched on a few of those portions after this picture was taken

 Next, both the chicken and the bruchetta got thrown in a pan with some salt, pepper, oil and garlic powder.

Then I stir-fried away until the onions were cooked (once they turn translucent).

Then I grabbed some lavash bread

And suddenly, a leftover wrap!

Stirfry is one thing you can do with leftovers, and, in most cases, probably the easiest.  Let me know in the comments if you have better things to try with leftovers!


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