Mustard Chicken Sandwiches

Lunch again! Today we are going to make a dijon-coated chicken sandwich. (That is {[(dijon coated) chicken] sandwich} not a chicken sandwich coated in dijon mustard, which would be messy but also delicious.)
The first step will be to, as usual, assemble your ingredients. You will need chicken, dijon mustard, pickled beets, a tomato, arugula and bread.
The diet coke is optional.

Prepare your frying pan with oil, salt and pepper.

 Take some mustard and put it on a plate.  You will need a decent sized glob.

Coat each piece of chicken in the mustard individually.

Fry those buggers.

While those are cooking, take your tomato and beets (in the plastic container next to the tomato)

See? Up there above the cutting board? 

and make into sandwich portions

Once your chicken is done, assemble a sandwich.

I sprinkled more salt and pepper on top.

 Slice it in half to display the interior for photography.

You probably don’t have to do that last part.

Serve with chips and salsa.


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